Saturday, October 20, 2012

Iris x2

Finally, I have found the perfect pair of shorts!

I honestly have searched for years to find a pair of shorts that really fit me. Pants are a problem in general, but shorts seem to be especially difficult. When Colette Patterns released the pattern this spring I had to try them out. I had already made the Clover pants and loved the fit. These shorts are very similar in fit and style. The night I finished them, I rattled off an exuberant email to Sarai at Colette raving about the pattern. It was late...

I wanted a simple, nice looking, easy to wear piece for summer. I definitely got what I wanted! I even wore these as much into fall as I dared since they match a few of my sweaters. Alas, it's too cold now for shorts wearing so they will wait until next year when they will probably be joined by many siblings.

What you can't see are the totally awesome buttons, a spool of thread with scissors! Yay for cheesy!

This was my first/muslin attempt. I didn't need to change anything about the pattern. I did, however lose about 10 pounds between this photo and the above. (Which is why it's last. I'm hoping you won't remember this pair!) The dots were fun, but I wasn't in love with them, so when I somehow managed to get a bleach spot on them it didn't hurt my feelings. It's nice to have something to garden in.