Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kwik Sew 2076

It seems like most of the fabric I have in my stash now is from Mom's stash. I think I've raided hers twice, it's so handy to have all the fabrics that are back in style in Mom's closet! Although I'm sure I will feel old when my future daughter raids my stash exclaiming how cool all my fabric is and why didn't I use it? Sorry Mom...

 This Strawberry Shortcake print is one that I love and I remember it being around for a long time. It must have been purchased with the intent of becoming a nightgown for me or my sister (probably me). I'm not sure exactly what the fabric is, it's slippery with a flannel-ish back side.
It has fulfilled its purpose with this pattern:
Kwik Sew 2076

 I searched for it on the Kwik Sew website, but it is now out of print. I did find a few places to purchase it on Etsy and EBay. I found the pattern at my local thrift shop. I've found a gold mine of patterns there and try to look through them as often as I can.

This was a very easy make. I probably spent less than a day on it altogether. The only change I made was to  make a casing  for elastic instead of using elastic lace. I couldn't find elastic lace anywhere when I needed it, but I have found it since and bought a lot of it. I kind of wish I had waited to find the lace since the elastic on the arms is too snug and sometimes my arms go to sleep at night when I wear it. But, I really do love the nightgown and wear it often.

I am sure there will be more of these in my future.


Anonymous said...

I'm commenting!

Nic said...

LoL it looks like a grandma eunice house dress

abg33 said...

Looks great yet cute.