Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Geometric Laurel

A bit of Audrey Hepburn channeling going on here...

My latest finished project is the new Laurel pattern from Colette. (I seem to be on a Colette kick lately.) A classic shift dress that promises to be repeatedly made in various versions and fabrics. This has to be the fastest and easiest dress I've ever made and was a much needed mind-break from a quite challenging skirt I'm working on right now. Also, a good jumping back in project since I've been mostly sitting on the couch staring at the TV and indulging my chocolate chip cookie obsession for the last month since the baby left us. My primary motivation was Colette's contest that coincides with the release of this pattern. 

I used just the two pieces for front and back and decided to leave off the sleeves since I wanted this to be a spring/summer dress. The fabric is a polyester I found at Pacific Fabrics and I used bias tape for the neck and sleeve edging. I had decided to not buy any more fabric for a while and try to use up my stash, but when I woke up the next two mornings thinking about this fabric I gave in and bought it. It is really not like anything I would normally choose but I do love it. Weird. I bought 3 yards so I'm sure it will make another appearance here sometime or other.

I made my normal size 12 for this brand, but I think it is too big, especially across the shoulders. For the next version I will go down at least one size and try to fit it (gasp!) a bit better. It's such a pain to do fitting but totally worth it for the finished product. I try to tell myself that, anyway, but usually am too impatient to bother.

Off to enter the contest and win lots of cash and prizes!


Nic said...

I really like the fabric! very nice dress. Can't believe you're going sleeveless!!

Nic said...

would be cute with a black belt

Dad said...

Wow! You amaze me with your talents. the dress is awesome!