Monday, May 6, 2013

Cecelia's Dress

Our good friends Travis & Anna had a little girl, Cecelia, a few months ago. Since Anna is an avid quilter, I thought I would make something different for the baby. About the time I was thinking about what to do, Made By Rae announced a free version of her Geranium Dress. Yay! Problem solved. 

I raided my stash and had just enough of this lovely green eyelet to make the dress. Little clothes use a surprisingly small amount of fabric.


 This fabric is so fun. I think I bought it to make a top quite a few years ago and as I recall it was an utter failure. That was before I knew anything at all about sizing. I think it probably went in the trash in a fit of frustration. I liked the fabric so much that I kept the scraps, hoping to use them for something later.

The pattern calls for snaps, but I used hooks and eyes instead. I sometimes find that snaps don't hold up well with something that is worn a lot.

Here is the lovely model, Miss Cece! Isn't she cute?!?! 
She is over four months now, I hope it still fits. 
I wonder if I have enough for a matching bonnet? I think she needs one.

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Nic said...

Super cute!