Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hat and Mittens for Baby

We had a cold spell in February and I realized that Baby didn't have a hat or mittens because I sent them with Cameron. Oops! I needed a quick knit so I looked through the free patterns on Ravelry and dove into my stash.

Link for hat.
Link for mittens.

I decided it would be easier to not deal with thumbs for such a small boy and would keep his hands warmer. It is nice to throw them on and not worry about which hand and getting them on straight. Both the mittens and the hat are bigger than I expected but that could just be because Baby is on the very low end of the percentages for his age. 

I ran out of the green yarn when I was almost finished with the second mitten. I'm not good yet at estimating how far yarn will go, I suppose that comes with practice. This is not my best work, but it is fine for what we needed. Baby keeps them on most of the time and that is the most important thing.

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